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Ribbed Cocktail Shaker Silver Plate

Ribbed Cocktail Shaker Silver Plate

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Extra Large Heavy 8.5" Ribbed Cocktail Shaker

Silver Plate.

Design and Material:

This cocktail shaker is an extra-large version, perfect for mixing large batches of drinks.

It features a ribbed base and lid, adding texture and visual interest.

The shaker is silver-plated, which gives it a luxurious


It is a replica of an original design by the renowned

French silversmith Christofle.


The shaker has a width of 3.5 inches (diameter) at its widest point.

Its height stands at 8.5 inches.

Functionality and Craftsmanship:

The heavy ribbed base ensures stability during shaking.

The lid fits securely, preventing spills and leaks.

Whether you're hosting a grand soirée or a cozy gathering, this silver-plated cocktail shaker is a statement piece for your bar.

Raise your glass to timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship!

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