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Grand Tour Intaglio Soap Set

Grand Tour Intaglio Soap Set

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Box of 5.

Collected as souvenirs from European Grand Tours in the first half of the C19th, intaglios featured profiles of great mythological figures and scenes. This set of five weekend sized guest soaps is no different and is its own complete collection.

Each of the five colours available are gently perfumed with a fresh and inspired fragrance;

Blue -  Aqua minerals and sea kelp. 

Yellow -  Basil and neroli blossom.

Pink -  Cardamon and Mimosa.

Green -  Eucalyptus.

Lilac - Lavender.

Painstakingly cast in two parts. The white relief is an unscented soap, hardened with a touch of beeswax to give longevity through use to the classical detailing. While the rich body of these soaps is made using Rowse honey, giving it excellent qualities to calmly clean and moisturise.

One box contains 5 x 25gm bars of soap.

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